About Us

In the late 80's and early 90's, the burgeoning biopharmaceutical market place was a hotbed of new valve innovation. New biologic process design required new valve technologies. Some of the early process design companies in this industry who were familiar with Jordan Valve's unique sliding gate regulators approached us about manufacturing pressure regulators to the exacting design standards and surface finish requirements in biopharm applications.

We did, and within 10 years the Steriflow Regulator by Jordan Valve became the most frequently specified pressure regulator for the Biopharm applications.

In 2006 the Steriflow Valve division was created to foster this innovation and increase the product line's phenomenal market growth. Since that time we have introduced a broad range on industry first products for our customers to the exacting standards of ASME BPE.

- Our FDA and USP Class VI certified Jorlon diaphragms (for regulators and control valves) offer another industry first: a lifetime warranty, even when used on continuous clean steam service up to 75 psig.

- Steriflow Mark 978 Hygienic Controls Valves are the first broad range, hygienic, diaphragm seal control valve to offer true linear and true equal percentage flow characteristics, and no hold-up in any installation orientation.

- The Mark 978INLINE offering is a first for the Biopharmaceutical Valve marketplace. This Jorlon diaphragm control valve offers Biopharmaceutical customers and your customers the ability to install sanitary control valves in a horizontal tube run. No one else can give hygienic process designers the freedom of process design layout that the MK 978INLINE does.

- Steriflow's Mark 93 Series steam traps offer an industry first: 5 year warranty against failure from materials and workmanship. Steriflow is so confident that the MK93's low subcooling performance will help your customers minimize SIP subcooling related temperature faults, that we are warranting it against condensate back up on typical SIP installations for two years.

- The Steriflow J-Pure gas regulators were introduced in 2007. J-Pure is the first regulator designed from the ground up for Biopharmaceutical use. It's simple, two subassembly design, gives biopharm customers a cleaner, minimum maintenance alternative to the complex conventional styled valves that the industry has offered for years.