Sanitary Steam Traps - Mark 93 Series

Mark 93 Series - Sanitary Steam Traps


The Mark 93 Series is a balanced port, thermostatic sanitary steam trap designed specifically for use in validated clean steam systems. The sanitary design follows ASME BPE guidelines including a 20Ra μin internal finish, self draining design, and all relevant materials, marking and documentation guidelines. The MK93 has been specifically designed to provide higher flow rates at low pressures and low subcooling levels. In lab testing, the MK93 consistently exhibited excellent flow rates at subcooling levels of less than 3°F or less (<1,7°C). Note: Low subcooling operation insures that condensate won’t back up and wet (cool) the upstream validated temperature sensor.

There are two base designs within the MK93 product range: the standard MK93 - good for differential pressures (P1) up to 50 psi (3,4 bar), and the MK93 Option "P" for differential pressures ranging from 45 - 90 psi (3,1 - 6,2 bar). Both designs are rated to 90 psi (6,2 bar) operating pressure but are recommended for use within the specified inlet pressure ratings. Horizontal connections are now available.

During start-up, the bellows element is contracted and fully open to discharge all non-condensable gas and condensate. The heat of entering steam causes the element to expand, closing the valve. As condensate accumulates in the body, the element cools, causing the bellows/stem tip to retract allowing condensate to drain.

Typical applications include: sterilization drainage for fermenters, bioreactors, separation and filtration equipment, lyophilizers, autoclaves, process piping equipment and steam barriers. Condensate drainage from process systems using clean steam - fermenters, bioreactors, SIP systems and sterilizers.


Sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1"; DIN DN15, DIN DN20, DIN DN25; ISO DN15, ISO DN20, ISO DN25

End Connections: ASME/DIN/ISO Tube Ends

- Body Inlet/Outlet: 316L Stainless Steel
- Thermal Element: 316L Stainless Steel
- O-ring-gasket: Standard: Viton, Teflon Encapsulated (FDA, USP Class VI approved); Optional: Tuff Steel or Silverback (Others upon request)
- Clamp: 304SST

Nominal Cv: 3.8

Design Pressure/Temperature Rating:
- Maximum Allowable Pressure (PMA): 145 psig (10,0 bar)
- Maximum Allowable Temperature (TMA): 350°F (177°C)

Maximum Recommended Differential Pressure:
- MK93: 10 - 50 psi (0,7 - 3,4 bar)
- MK93 Option "P": 45 - 90 psi (3,1 - 6,2 bar)


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Mark 93 Series Data Sheet
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